Little Battles

Husband and I set up our bed and he asked "what side do you want?" I picked and he said "good, cause I wanted this side." Aww, look, we're made for each other!
Paradise was lost the next morning when the sun rose and sliver peeked through the blinds right onto Husbands face. He dealt with this for a week then announced that we were switching sides. What? I liked my side! My bedside table was cute, I was used to it, and I could lay on my right side and have my leg hang off the bed perfectly! So he said we'd do a trial run. We did. He loved my side and I hated his. He won. But then I whimpered and acted five. I won. Then I didn't feel to pleased with my victory so I hung something over the blinds sliver and took the unwanted side of the bed. We win.The next day Husband switched the pillows back to our original spots. We win. Then we added his outer space fan and it blows on me and makes my lips chapped and my leg hanging off cold. I'm stealing the unwanted side back!

I used to think that compromise was about me winning and you losing, or vice versa (as if I ever lose) - but I've learned that it's about understanding one another so that you want the same thing.

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