Little changes

Today I realized that I am changing! The first day that I went to work after we were married Husband realized a horrible truth: I am a snooze abuser. The first that I went to work after we were married I realized a horrible truth: Husband hates that I'm a snooze abuser. 

Well, this is one of the things that I'm working on - for Husband. I've stopped using my snooze...which means a few days I just turned off my alarm and continued sleeping (sorry work: contacts and brushed teeth is all you can hope for these days), but I'm getting better and I'm trying. 

Another thing that is being a little more difficult (I know, what could be more difficult then refraining another five minutes in bed...multiplied three times?) - he has an opinion on decor. How dare he? Maybe I never told him that I'm the decorator, it's my thing. I don't have a lot of things, but this is my thing! He has claim on every sport and every game (marrying Mr. Perfect is hard!)...those can be his thing! The latest opinion was on a fan. Husband decided we needed a fan. I liked the ones that looked vintage, but are new so they work and aren't a safety hazard. He liked the ones that looked like the should come off a space shuttle. I let him win. See, changing...just a little begrudgingly with this one.

What ways are you changing for those you love?

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  1. Brett hates when I snooze too! AND used to have an opinion on decor, until he realized his opinions suck and mine are better. They learn :)