Bisque turned chowder

On our trip to Anaheim we had lobster bisque that was to die for! I tried to remake it, which, true to form...I messed it up. All the high quality recipes had way to many ingredients that I didn't have - expensive ingredients. I got canned crab to substitute for the lobster, there wasn't enough so I added clams...the rest of the recipe went just as downhill. But my impromptu, surprise clam chowder turned tasting awesome! 
Then I got carried away and made two - TWO - salads for each of our preferences, pulled out the stem wear (we may or may not have been out of clean glasses), and popped in some croissants. I felt very accomplished at balancing a meal AND dealing turning a recipe going south into something that we'd have again...if I had any idea how to repeat my steps. Husband was sure to let me know that he thought I had done awesome too (I think he wants such activities to be a common occurrence).

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