What's with the left?

My body is going through a new phase where everything is goes wrong with the left side. If I was all left, I would hate my life. Here’s the rundown:

 My sciatic nerve is hurting on the left and making my lower back (aka: butt) hurt and my leg ache and feel numbish…or like the tendons are really tight all the way down, kind of a mix of the two. The only way I could get  comfortable last night was by putting a pillow between my knees.
  • My acne is consistently way worse the left side of my face…and the left side of my back, now that I think about it. I say ‘consistently’ because right at this moment my whole face has a plethora of evenly distributed zits (thanks to my dumb stress management mechanism).
  • My good friend just learned how to do eyelash extensions (check her out!), she did a really good job. They’ve been in for a while and have started the process of falling out…but, you guessed it, only on the left side! I also got a sty on the left side. What the … what?!!?

Here's a nice little demo of what my eyes look like. Yes, my right eye does look this awesome.
Now, I know what you’re thinking (you didn’t know that I was a cyber-mind reader!), “Put two and two together, you’re sleeping on that side and that’s causing all these things.” Weird part, I don’t sleep on that side!

Oh, my left side is also the side I hurt my knee on, had my toenail fall off and painfully grow back, and the side I have warts on! Oh my goodness…this isn’t a new trend. 

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  1. Time to see a specialist to see if there is something going on in the right side of your brain. Not joking.