How to make curtains

Go to your friend’s house and fall in love with her nautical striped (seen here).
Meet boy, date, get married and move into an apartment that needs curtains so you can finally make a modified copy coveted curtains.
Stalk Pinterest for DIY tutorials on striped curtains. Pin 17, so you don’t forget.
Fret over colors. Decide on white and khaki stripes. Those will look good.
Go to TJMaxx to get white sheets (large amount of material for curtains) to paint. Find white and khaki striped sheets. Freak out at your amazing good luck.
Be on a high for the rest of the night and tell everyone that comes over about your find.
Wait around a few weeks until your mom comes into town – which is a good idea cause she’ll tell you to do things that you didn’t think of (measuring the window, floor to ceiling, seam allowances, top ruffle, ect). She will also make you iron.
Dance around a little when you finish your first seam cause you’re so excited.
Have mom take a pic of you so it’s documented that you made these curtains.

See! I really did them!

Dance  around again when you finish your first curtain.
Finish both.
Hang curtain rod without help (you were always better with power tools than sewing machines and irons).
Hang curtains and step back to relish in how awesome they look and how awesome you feel!

Make the wall look so  much better - lie a real house, not a college apartment
Close up of the fabric. 


  1. Yee! I'm so glad I inspired you! I love those curtains by the way. Using sheets is just genius!