Are you sure it wasn't...nothing?

After working all day it is so easy to come home and do nothing. The numbers of times I get home, fix an easy dinner (or let Husband), sit on the couch to watch TV, Facebook, or Pinterest is ridiculous. On those nights it feels like all the sudden it's time for bed and I didn't accomplish anything! It's draining to do nothing, and it's self-perpetuating. When I do nothing it seems that all the energy I have is to continue doing nothing.
When Husband and I got married I became really unbalanced. All I wanted to do was hang out with Husband (which is good, picked the right man), to the point that I never hung out with my friends or had me time – I started to feel really exhausted. I began to realize that I was so drained because I wasn’t rejuvenating myself in any way! This was in no way Husband’s fault, he would always encourage me to plan things with my friends or go out and do something for me…he was asking me to go get a pedicure! But it was like going to the gym (which I also wasn’t doing), when the moment came to put on my shoes and leave Husband I didn’t want to, even though I knew it was ultimately good for me and would improve my mood. People always say that the first year of marriage is hard but they never get very specific as to why – for me the hardest part has been balancing and remembering to me in the balance.
Once I got going on doing things it became an addictive habit! I suddenly have so much more energy and I am so fulfilled – apparently my key to happiness was a hot glue gun (and many other craft supplies that are overtaking my little apartment). Now I am trying all the things that I’ve been pinning for months and to keep this going I’ll to be blogging about my Pinterest adventures, what works and what doesn’t! Here’s the format and some things I’ll be trying:

Monday jump start
Exercise regiments, motivations, and health food options – I’m hoping by doing this on Monday’s it’ll rev everyone (and myself) up for the week! Things I’ll be trying:

Home Turf Tuesday
Home décor, organization, cleaning, ect! Things I’ll be trying:

Wednesday num-nums
Kitchen goodies! Recipes, food storage/preservation, presentation, ect. Things I’ll be trying:   

Thursday Thrifty Threads
I’m a talented thrift store connoisseur! This will be outfits, amazing finds, DIY alterations and whatever else comes forth. Things I’ll be trying:

Fit to be seen Friday
Beauty tips and tricks for beautiful hair, make up and skin. Things I’ll be trying:

Saturday Special
Shopping deals that I've found, random things/announcements from my week...a special whatever I want.

Check back to see how these work out and to see how I change them to be more effective/idiot proof. 


  1. Love your blog! Found you from Clothed Much.
    Newest follower! Follow me back via GFC?

    1. Thanks for following Kimberly! I saw your request for Why I'm a Mormon Mondays - such a good idea! I'm working on a profile for you, course I imagine that you might already be filling up, but it'll be good for future material. It's hard to put yourself and your faith into 300 words or less!