Blackhead remover FAIL

This pin promised to get rid of all my blackheads and consequentially change my life! Super easy all made of items in my kitchen...items I actually have on hand.  

1 tbsp baking soda
¼ c milk
Use a make-up sponge or cotton ball to spread on face, repeat if necessary.

That’s it. Super simple. Occam’s razor states that often the simples solution is the correct one… so of course two ingredients that I have in my kitchen would be my acne cure all! Occam’ razon doesn’t apply here, it didn’t work. And I repeated, a few times (don’t do that, my face is sensitive now). If anything, it worked a little, just enough to pull all my blackheads to the surface…or maybe I was just examining my face so closely afterwards that I became acutely aware of how many I have!

 I don’t think there is an acne miracle and I’ve looked. It’s like a pot of gold at the end of the end of a rainbow, it either doesn’t exist or it’s completely elusive to mere mortals. There a lot of things that help, I think this is a good face cleaner/exfoliator to use occasionally, but it’s no pot at the end of the ol’ rainbow (if I ever get my hands on a leprechaun…)


  1. good to know. I was going to do it last night, but was too lazy/tired sooo I was going to do it today. Good to know it doesn't work as well as it says. Baking soda is a good exfoliant, you can use water too, so you don't waste your precious milk, but milk has lactic acid in it too, so that's good for your skin. You can mix it with honey too, because honey has antioxidants... but to "get rid" of all your black heads... unlikely! But hopefully it gave you a nice exfoliation! And that other one you posted about the aspirin.. it'll be good too, cause that's salycilic acid (like your cleanser has in it)

    1. I love that you can explain to me WHY things work! I will say that the exfoliating factor of this really made my skin feel nice, and the benefit of the lactic acid makes sense. I did a quick honey mask after cause I always feel like it helps my scabs heel and look brighter. I need to try the aspirin one too - maybe I'll actually get my face to clear up :).

  2. I tried a different black head removal from Pinterest; I do it regularly because it works so well.

    What you need:

    1 Tbsp. unflavored gelatin
    1 1/2 Tbsp. milk

    In a microwave-safe bowl, mix the gelatin and milk together, then heat in your microwave for about 12 seconds. Stir the mixture, then carefully apply to the problem areas of your face (being careful not to put it too close to your eyes). Let the mask dry completely (about 15 - 30 minutes), then carefully peel it off. The junk clogging your pores should be stuck to the mask much like when you use those commercial pore strips but for a fraction of the price!

    1. Oooo, thanks! I'm trying this and even if it doesn't work, I love peeling masks off my face :).