Fall picture walk

Yesterday was a gorgeous fall afternoon. I got home and talked Husband into going on a fall picture walk (fall is such good picture weather that I think this will become common). We only made it out to the bridge behind our complex before it started to pour - but that's all we needed. 
Jacket = XXI, clearance $10
Shirt = J.Crew, thrifted
Jeans = Gap Outlet
Shoes = IDK, thrifted

Probably should have ironed this shirt, but I treat it like a tee cause that's what it feels like and forget about the embellishments. I love these shoes! They go with anything, fit like a glove, and have so much personality while not being obnoxious. 

Husband stayed in his work clothes so he could participate. He's so GQ! I don't actually know where all his items are from...but I'll do my best!
Shirt = IDK, but he loves it and I thrifted it
Pants = Men's Wearhouse, when we got married he got a free suit from renting the tuxes from there.
Shoes = Ross $40
Tie = who knows

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