Chicken quinoa soup

Yesterday was cloudy, gloomy and perfect for soup! Love the beginnings of fall. I also didn’t feel great, so this was just what the doctor ordered (along with some Dr. Pepper…no matter how sick I feel I always want some DP). I originally got this recipe from one of my favorite people in Alaska – she had gone to culinary arts school and this is my favorite recipe she taught me. It’s really easy – basically throw it all in the pot - but the cilantro and coriander give it a unique taste that I find myself craving all the time. I froze cilantro so I always have it available specifically for this recipe!

This is one of those recipes where you throw in however much you want of each ingredient. And if you don’t have something you can omit it or substitute it…except for maybe the broth, you’re going to want broth. 


  1. Yum! I love soup! I'm loving your blog-consider me an official follower :-) ;-)

    1. Thanks Meg! I'm loving soup this fall too, I have like 5 new ones to try! Thanks for following, I'm following back!