Coconut chicken curry

Made this awesome coconut curry chicken. Found it on Pinterest but didn't pin it - what was I thinking?!?! I googled the recipe and couldn't find it, so after looking at tons of recipes that weren't what I wanted, I googled the recipe images (cause I could remember what the picture from Pinterest looked like) and finally found it! And it was worth all the work, definitely worth it. 

This recipe came from Meal Planning 101. I didn't add the lime zest cause I'm not a huge fan of zest, and I what the amounts for 3 garlic gloves (I have a jar of minced garlic) and one lime (I also have lime juice). 
Now I have extra green onions, so I'm going to have to try this!  


  1. This looks SO yummy. Now I need to convince Adam that coconut is good. Wish me luck!

    1. Ha, ha! Good luck! The coconut in this recipe isn't ridiculously pronounced, so it might be a good recipe to convince him on ;).