Halloween bathroom

I like decor that looks like it belongs, not something that has been plopped into a spot for a month, but looks like it belongs - like you redid your whole house for the holiday or like maybe it's always there (but not actually always there...that is weird). That does make decorating more difficult though. My bathroom is mostly grey with attempts at yellow accents (I have bathroom art projects that haven't gotten around to yet. Isn't it sad when I work harder to get holiday decor made then real decor?), so making Halloween decor proved...tricky (oh, what perfect Halloween word choice....yes I pointed that out so you wouldn't miss out on my intentional cleverness). Here's what I came up with:

Got this AWESOME raven 40% off at Hobby Lobby - this was my one splurge on decor before Halloween (after holiday sale purchases will not be so conservative). It was $8 and so classy, not something easy to find when it comes to Halloween. I have no idea where I commandeered these orange posies, but they look good!

These frames hang right here in my bathroom normally (well, they would if I ever finished my last bathroom art project), so I didn't have to pound in any new nails! I found a ton of printables from this pin and ultimately got this one from here. The other two pictures are just Halloween scrapbook paper, not the craftiest, but ended up looking really good!

I have a lot more Halloween decor coming up, so check back!!

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