I can do purple

Today is purple Monday at Husbands work, so I decided to join in.
Shirt: J. Crew - Thrifted
Sweater: Gap Outlet - $20
Jeans: Lucky Outlet - $40...I think?
Tank: Gap Outlet - $10
Shoes: Target - from a friend
I used to have some ...issues with purple, just wasn't the biggest fan. But recently I've found this magenta purple (that doesn't make sense, but it's the best way I could name it) and I love it! Looks good with navy and it just screams fall to me! I paired it with my yellow flats and the blue striped tank to add a little to this casual outfit (you can't really tell, but the tank and the edges of the sweater and white and navy striped, so cute!)
I love the shirt, it's got a little more to it than just a t-shirt, but it's still wash and go. Oh, and it's 3/4 sleeve, which I'm a sucker for!
Still not sure I can do lavender. What color can you not do?


  1. PINK!!!!! I just can't do it. I own ONE pink sweater and I haven't worn it in forever. Love your blog ; )

    1. Thanks for the comment! I'm sure you can do pink - maybe just need to find the right tone? I get it though, when I wear pink I feel like a kid or Barbie.

    2. pastels for me! They are awful with my skin tone and just don't do me any good. Maybe if I match or layer with bolder colors. I love your Blog Melissa! So fun to jump around and read!