Summer is closing ...football is starting

Yesterday I went to the farmers market by the BYU stadium. I love a good farmers market – they mean summer and make me feel close to the earth, things I need to feel while being in an over air conditioned office building during the warm days and living in an apartment with only a potted herb on the porch.
I walked past a man that said he wasn’t giving peach samples but “temptations,” it worked, I bought four peaches that taught me what peaches are supposed to taste like! I also bought some basil and suddenly knew what was for dinner.

It was Thursday night football, so Husband was already at a friends to watch the game (we decided not to do cable which means a lot of hours at other peoples houses…that’s when I do all my crafting!), we were going to get pizza, but then I got inspired to be a healthy super woman and I told my man that I would be delivery a full on football picnic to our friends living room.
I made pesto (which I messed up, but it still tasted good, unlike last time when I forgot the garlic…missing one of three ingredients made a pretty big difference) – I added mozzarella cheese, it called for something else but that is what I had. It tasted good, just melted and made it super hard to mix; next time I’ll add the cheese on top. I also cut up two peaches, made some juice, tupperwared it all and put it in a canvas bag with forks and napkins.
This whole process too me longer than expected so I was a little frazzled when I drove over to meet Husband. Maybe it was spilling the just filtered Brita water all over the counter, the filter water I needed to make my juice. Maybe it was spilling the entire plate of chicken juice into my clean, open, unemptied dishwasher as I took the poultry breast out of the microwave. Mostly it was my projection of a possible situation outcome that involved a hungry Husband hassling me for my tardiness – which made me feel frustrated, even though it hadn’t happened! When I got there, Husband was so grateful and impressed by my football picnic – he even asked me if I was okay cause I seemed on edge. I obviously have experiences in life that have caused me to have the knee jerk expectation of being treated a little like dirt, but I’m learning that those I will not have those experiences blemish my future. I married a great man. 

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