candy corn wreath

We had a {successful} friends craft day! Got together with Mers Memoirs and Paint, Crumbs, and Turpentine. We usually say that we'll all bring our own crafts, but end up getting together empty handed and just chatting and eating and creating nothing (but deepening out friendships, so it's time well spent). This time we were organized, planned a craft we all wanted to do and got all the supplies together. Also, pretty proud that we picked a task that was easy to do in a group and easy to talk while creating it! We found our project off this pinterest pin (of course!), from the blog How Does She? Here's what we made:


We got styrofoam wreaths - varying sizes based on where we each wanted this displayed. Table top or on the door. We covered the wreaths in black duct tape so the spaces between the candy corn would look nice. Then just used a lot of hot glue to attach masses of candy corn! The larger wreaths took significantly longer than the smaller ones (more than you would think for the size difference). 

Found this ribbon for $1 at Michaels. Perfect fit.

Looks like Halloween threw up in here! Here are some of the ways that we displayed them:

On the front door with a wreath hook.

Suction cupped to a mirror. Love her other Halloween decor! 

I spray painted a dowel and wood base black so that I could set it on my entertainment center. I had to keep making the dowel shorter so it could handle the weight of all the candy corn! And I love my Halloween Kleenex box :). 


  1. So cute! I love wreaths and this is perfect, and looks easy! Love that!

  2. How fun!! What a great DIY! I love it :-)

  3. Wow the wreaths turned out so cute!! Looks like a super fun crafty time!

  4. Love this!! I must copy cat this one!! Thanks for linking up to the Mom's Mingle hop! Following you via GFC!
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  5. so sweet. But I think my dad would stop by to visit the grandkids and start picking at my wreath. =)

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  6. In Trinidad this candy only appeared on our a few years ago. Before that we did not even know what this was or know what it tastes like. This is a cool idea for the candy and I am following you now. I would love for you to follow back.

  7. what an incredible idea! love this! So glad to have stumbled upon your blog! you have really great style! now following :)


  8. oh wow! I love this!! by the way, thanks for checking out my blog earlier this week and following! already following you back (oh and super cute blog by the way!!!)