Saving steak

Husband found an EXCELLENT deal on steaks - and these steaks are thick, but still small so they cook really well. Here's how I've started packaging our meat for the freezer so that it's preserved, but also portioned so that you don't have to defrost a ton at once, or use 50 bags. I put the steaks in a ziploc and space them out so they're not touching. 

Then I fold the steaks on top of one another and push out all the air before sealing it. You might have to get creative on how you maneuver the meat and the zip seal to get as much air as you can out. 

I store it folded up like this so that it fits best in my freezer (we're thinking our next big purchase will be a small chest freezer so we can fit more!)

Comes out looking like this. We only wanted two - and the other one went right back in the freezer! I've also been doing this with hamburger - I make them into patties and we can pull out how many hamburgers we want.

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