Crazy bun

I saw this pin done afew different ways. Last night I got out of the shower let my hair air dry abit (I usually do to give it a break) and then I french braided it to give mylimp hair some body and cause I was too lazy to style my hair...I mean, Iwanted to give it a break from the heat. Haha, which is actually true. I got it cut last week and I'm trying this 'make your hair grow faster/stronger/longer' pin, I'll let you know later if it makes any difference. 

Here it is from the front - and my outfit :).
Shirt = Old Navy, thrifted
Sweater = J.Crew, thrifted
Jeggings = IDK, thrifted
Boots, Nordstrom Rack
Undershirt = American Eagle, TJMaxx (you can't really see it but it's lacy)

I got my coworker to take my pictures, I felt really dumb when I had her take one of the back of my head, but here's what happened when I tried to take it myself: 


  1. I love it! I like your textured look better than the smoother one in the pin.

    1. Thanks! Added plus: no one can tell if you don't do it right or if it gets messed up :).

  2. Just found your blog and love it. You are too cute-love your style! xx.