office series: one

I've been really bad at taking outfit pictures cause I work out after work (or change into sweats) and I'm all gross and don't want to get all cute again; then I had the genius idea to take pictures at work! There are a ton of good places around my office to take shots and it provides all sorts of funny moments as I ask my co-worker friends to take my picture. 

This is one of those rare days where my ENTIRE outfit was thrifted. Wait, not my shoes, dangit. But, shoes included I think this outfit wasn't more than $20. Pretty amazing to be wearing these brands, in good condition, for that price. Also, I LOVE these skinny's; pants are sometimes so hit and miss, I would never spend the money on Jessica Simpson skinny's, but I would now after wearing them! And by 'now' I mean after husband graduates and we have real money. 

Black skinny's = Jessica Simpson, thrifted
Coral sweater = Banana Republic, thrifted (got it for $1 on a Savers dollar day!)
Grey ruffle tank = J.Crew, thrifted
Shoes = Mossimo, graduation gift (they knew me so well!)


  1. ok...where do u go thrifting?? haha.. such awesome finds!


    1. Savers - it is by far the best thrift store EVER! Savers is the department store of thrift stores. It's huge (more likely you'll fine something good in the volumes of items) and it's organized by size.

    2. SAVERS rocks!! That is my "go-to" thrift store every time!!