Errands and stripes

Had to fill up the tires on our car, they were ridiculously low. To the point we were thinking we needed new tires. Husband was doing it (cause he's great) and I asked if I could do it, for picture sake! He was impressed that I actually knew what I was doing. Point wife!

Hair flowers: J.Crew outlet
Shirt: J.Crew - thrifted
Leggings: Costco (they're not there anymore, but these are my favorite!)
Boots: Journey's (years ago - I remember buying them at the end of the season wondering if boots would still be in next season)

Such a beautiful day and I take my pictures in front of a gas station - oh Moe. 

Arm candy! I went on a quest this week to get some, and I succeeded. They're all no-name -which I'm okay with, makes my collection very eclectic. 

Rocking my aviators! Tried to take my own pic while driving, haha. Terrible. But now you can see the tiny sequin detailing on the shoulders of my shirt. 

And a picture of Stella, for good measure. "Helping" me make the bed - maybe she's figured out that when the bed gets made then I leave? 


  1. oh my goodness!! stella looks like my little luna's sister! I can't even stand her cuteness.

  2. hehe i like ur gas station pics! you look great dear!


  3. love the arm candy!!!