fall fashion cravings

 I've been bitten by the fall shopping bug – it’s pretty serious. Whenever boots are involved I find myself unconsciously drooling. I was doing really well with being happy and content with my wardrobe until I went to a store…it’s been downhill ever since. I went with my friend to help her find a cute fall outfit for her engagement pictures and I went traipsing all over the mall and saw all of the things that I needed! Since I've been a window shopping junkie looking for all the things that I want to get on clearance and getting ideas for thrift store rummaging. Here are some of my awesome fall finds: 

Coach boots @ Ross (if you're in UT, these are at the American Fork Ross). $119. They have a few other styles as well. I resisted! But I also can't go into that Ross anymore to stay away from temptation. 

Christian Siriano has teamed up with Payless and brought some amazing options at affordable prices! Maybe (hopefully) Payless will follow Target's example and start teaming up with designers of a frequent basis!

Speaking of Target - they've teamed up with over 20 Neiman Marcus designers to bring a wonderful upscale collaborative to the masses - available December 1. Check out their sneak peak.  

I have loved these Steve Madden boots for a while. I really like them in black (available in some stores, but not online). It's hard to find black boots that aren't biker chick or s&m. But these are perfect. I found them at Famous Footwear, $89.99. 

I also am dying for some military/hiker boot...the fashionable ones, not the real thing :). I LOVE these, they're a tiny bit on the cheap side, so I don't know how long they'll last, but they're quality enough to last as long as the fad :). I also found these at Famous Footwear, $59.99. 

 I'm a picky Old Navy fan. Their items can be very hit and miss for me. They are one of my clearance hot spots and these are some shirts that I am stalking the reduced price racks for. (Yes, the mint and red shirts are the same...they're great basics that are dressier than a tee, but not too frilly for me). These are all Old Navy shirts, all in the $25-$30 range - I'm hoping to get them around $18. Also...did you know that Old Navy now has a pretty admirable jewelry section? Don't look online, it says that there are only 14 items - in store there is a ton! 

On the note of jewelry. I've been on a mad search for more. I've been finding some awesome DIY on Pinterest (idea one, two, three), but I’m currently banned from entering craft stores. I've been inspired all over the place to get some good arm candy (most recent inspiration comes from Corinne at The Lookbook) but I always feel daunted by my options and the potential price of expanding my collection that I end up getting nothing. Yesterday I was looking for a puppy hairbrush for Stella at Ross (FYI: Ross, TJMaxx and Burlington have amazing dog sections – if you have a canine baby, check them out!) and I got lost in the jewelry and found this:

BCBG bracelet - $9.99 @ Ross. Top = front. Bottom = Back. 

What fall items are you craving this year?

How have you expanded your jewelry collection? What are some of your essential pieces?


  1. Love the fall finds! You've inspired me to watch the deals.

  2. I also have been bitten by the fall shopping bug... its dangerous. But FYI they have some really cute boots similar to the Coach boots at Payless for $50 if you are interested!


    1. Ooo, good to know, thanks. Payless isn't usually on my 'scope out' list, but I think I need to add it in

  3. I love it when cheap brands collaborate with high end designers. and what a great find at Ross!

    Thank you for the comment and follow, by the way! :)
    I'm excited to follow along.

  4. I just really want boots, boots, and more boots this season. I'm with you on the combat boots. I just purchased Steve Madden 'Troopa' boots from Nordstrom. They will arrive Tuesday, I really hope they work out. I was considering the 'Camarro', but they are more expensive, but have the really cute optional flap.

    After seeing lots of combat boots on other blogs, and asking the bloggers about their satisfaction, most who went with a cheaper version (Charlotte Russe, Go Jane, etc) said they wish they would have spent more.


  5. I LOVE all of the Old Navy jewelry I've been seeing, but I can't justify paying $6 for a pair of earrings when I can get them at F21 for $3! Right now I am obsessed with those bubble necklaces. I did a post about the one I have and I'm planning on getting more, like one in every color :)