Plaid Halloween wreath

My number one thought from this: I hate being in an apartment - so many things are ugly and I can't do anything about it! There are these little hooks that I had to work around, one isn't even used anymore and is just there to tick me off and the other is still used which means I come home to fliers on my door which jeopardize my bats! I got the bats idea here and the fabric wreath was spurred from here. I wanted to do some chevron, but couldn't find any chevron fabric and didn't want to wait to order it (even though it was early September when I made this so I definitely had time!). But I really fell for this plaid, and it feels less fad-ish. 

I got a wreath form from Jo-Ann's and about 1/4 yard of fabric (which was more than enough). I cut the fabric into  1 1/2 " strips and hot glued one end onto the wreath and wrapped it around at an angle. I got the whole thing covered with two strips. After I made a little bow and hot glued it on. All I had was a yellow ribbon lying around my house and decided that it looked good enough to hang it. 

And the bats I just cut out of construction paper and stuck them on with sticky tack. Some of the bats ended up looking ridiculous, but in the mass they were fine. 


  1. I'm inspired! I want to go home and keep decking out our apartment too. Love the fabric you chose...very versatile (season-wise.)

    1. It's not super great for Thanksgiving - more Halloween black and orange than fall colors, but I'm going to pretend that it carries over :). I'm a new advocate for construction paper decor for holidays (not real life #weird!) - cheap and cute