eShakti. Have you heard of this new up and coming internet based clothing company? No? Well, they’re amazing! What makes them so great? So glad you asked. They custom make your orders – they don’t have premade pieces, they make the items you order to your specifications. And, here’s the kicker, they’re affordable! They contacted me and invited me to review their product and I was super hesitant because I expected them to be on the spendy side, but I took a look and was blown away by how awesome their prices are! Dresses are mostly right around $75 – not thrift store cheap, but really elegant investment pieces. You can alter the necklines, sleeves, and length. Some of the alterations are extra (just a few dollars) but a lot of them are included in the price (you have to send in your height for any item ordered – no more short and wide dresses and shirts for me!).

Shakti means power in Sanskrit and these customer-centric diva’s want to give their customers as much say in their product as possible. I’m really impressed with their ability to provide customization at a modest price. Also, you can get $25 off your first purchase and they have a ton of Clearance items. Oh! And they have a great bridal apparel section – for bridesmaid dresses, if I had only know about this in April!

Here are a few that I'm pining over: 

What would you get? And what would you want customized? 

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