Two peas in a pod

It'd just be a very lopsided pod. My parents have a German Shepherd, Fletcher, who LOVED Stella. They were so cute to watch over Thanksgiving. Fletcher is so gentle but would play 'rough' with Stella by knocking her over and pretending to bite her. At first she was a little nervous (and Fletcher was a little overly excited when he met her) and she'd play for a bit then come running over to me for safety. As the weekend went on she got more comfortable and would come up to this dog 10 times her size and taunt him to play with her. He also figured out that if he stole her toys and squeaked them then she would come chase him around. Watching him pick up her tiny tennis ball and hold it in his front teeth was to die for funny!

Now she thinks she's a big dog and comes attacks me to play with her! And she thinks that I should play with her ALL THE TIME! Fletcher spoiled her! But it is cute when she come to play and rolls onto her back for you to 'attack' her tummy! 


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