mint green, cowboy boots & featured!

I've been featured! On the by the lovely Jean of What Jean Likes! How fun and flattering is that? Check out my post here!

And here's a little outfit post before the holidays - while my mind is 100% on other things! Split between creating holiday decor (get ready for next week...it's going to be DIY crazy up in here!) and Thanksgiving festivities (so excited for my family to get here and to gorge!).

Shirt - Old Navy (yes, I actually got it there - $16. Pricey for me, but I've had my eye on it!)
Pants - Calvin Klein at Costco ($16.99, get them!)
Boot = thrifted ($1)
Jewelry = Stella & Dot

This might be my favorite (and definitely most complimented) Stella & Dot piece. On the Mark Necklace , $49. 


  1. That look spells c-o-m-f-o-r-t! I love the shade of your blouse and gives a relaxing mood too. Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  2. Hello there,
    My name is Nikki, newbie mummy (three children) blogger and blog over at http://12milestothenearestsupermarket.blogspot.co.uk/ I found your blog via Ahola Friday - 'What Jean Likes' and now following you! I look forward to networking and getting to know you a little better too! I created my blog as a place for myself to go to after a long day, something I could call my own! As a mum of three under five, don't really have anything that is my own! So that's why I started my blog, I hope you like :)