Wee weekend

I have lots (seven) friends who are pregnant - well, actually five, two had their wee ones in the last two weeks! And these aren't acquaintances that are popping out mini-me's, these are all really good friends! Like bridesmaids at my wedding, previous roommates, interact with daily kind of friends! No, I'm not announcing that I'm joining the reproducing pool right now, but I am so excited for these wonderful ladies in my life! This weekend was my friend Mer's (of MersMemoirs) baby shower - I'm so glad she's close by so I can be present at this time! And so glad that I could do the decor at said shower, cause I still have my November stuff up and can't change it until after Thanksgiving so I needed something to decorate :).  The other's throwing the shower didn't want decor...isn't that part of the fun of it? They wanted to play baby shower bingo but didn't want some festive stuff hanging around?!! Whatevers, luckily I'm great at ignoring others and doing what I want (um...for those who don't know me well, I say that very tongue n' cheek!). Also, luckily Mer's house is already adorable, so I just added some embellishments for the shower and let he decor stand out all cute! 

Onsie, hat, slippers in the bunting!

The nursery colors are brown, navy, cream and red - made the bunting to match. Very sock monkey! (which I couldn't find a sock monkey for the life of me!!)

I am still so glad I for these apothecary jars, they've been so useful! For this event I put binkie's in one, finger nail clippers and nose sucker in one, and travel sized Johnson & Johnson baby stuff in another. Turned out cute, and I could give Mer the stuff at the end (which she hadn't gotten any binkie's yet!)

Baby boy will be named Calvin - so this onsie bunting has his initial! I made this the morning of the shower...should not have left it for the last minute; Saturday morning was rough! 

Better angle. 

More bunting. See, isn't her house adorbs! 

Made a cake, tasted great, but I couldn't get the powdered sugar to not clump! Grrr! Also, the thing on top is supposed to say Calvin, but it broke and melted slightly in the car...it's the thought, right?!?!

And here is a picture of my puppy baby being a doll on Sunday...Saturday she was the exact opposite! I was running everywhere needing to get 53 things done and she was running between my legs (made me trip and drop my curling iron, which I tried to catch and luckily didn't - but then it fell and chipped my sink..cool). I yelled at her which freaked her out, she peed on the couch...it ended with me calling Husband in tears and puppy hiding behind the table cause I was a scary, mascara streaked monster. 
But on Sunday she was a precious little angel, it's like she knew she needed to be sweet! She wanted to sit on my lap, snuggle, went to the door when she needed to go out...maybe I'll keep her. 


  1. Mer is lucky to have you as a friend! I'm sure she and the rest of the invited guests were happy with your labor of love :)

    Would you like us to follow each other?

    1. I'd love to! Just responded on your blog and followed you :)