The leftovers are gone!

This Thanksgiving was great - well great and crappy at the same time. Husband's great uncle passed away, so he was in California for the funeral (sad that we weren't together, but at least he had time off from school so he could pay his respects!). On the way home his car self destructed in Vegas (another blessing, that he broke down in the only major town in the vast expanse of nothingness between Provo and Anaheim!) which delayed his trip by 28 hours and put us back $1200...going into the holidays, cool. But he was able to everything fixed and got home safe. 
While he was having a tough weekend, I was decorating to my hearts content...our house is Christmased up to the nines (I'm starting the 12 days of Christmas Decor on Dec 1!!) and hanging out with family. I really love spending time with these people, so good thing they're stuck with me! 

My cousin made this for the kids. She kept having to tell them (and me) to stop snitching! Took her forever to get the 'feathers' in cause we kept eating everything she put down. 

Me, Mom, and Sister. 

We couldn't look cute and behaved for too long!

We had to do Thanksgiving dinner buffet style because we had 32 people and so much food! We had 2 smoked turkey's, one regular turkey, mashed potatoes, gouda mashed potatos, gluten free stuffing, two other kinds of stuffing, gluten free and regular gravy, 4 kinds of sweet potatoes, 2 green bean casseroles, 4 fruit dishes, rolls (they were on the eating tables), squash dishes...ect! We had people with dairy, egg, and gluten allergies - so we had a spread!

Oh, and we had 22 pies, also a variety to accommodate allergies.

This is my cousins daughter - she LOVED Stella! With so many people (and other dogs) I was grateful that she was perfectly happy to babysit my little monster. We made it through the weekend with only one mess!

Oh cousins - we have ugly face contests...only one got the memo here.

Puppy baby doesn't like the car - this is how we drove to Grandma's house.

And this is how we drove home the next day cause she was so pooped from all the fun! 


  1. We drove from St George to California (with our 50 lb dog in our laps), so amen to breaking down in Las Vegas. That could have been an even crappier situation. It looks like you had a great time despite less than ideal circumstances.

    Our pup slept the whole way home too!

    1. Thanks for commiserating. Wow - at least my Stella Monster is only 6 lbs! Hope Cali was fun, at least you were warm (if it was southern).

  2. I'm sorry about your husband's uncle. That snack tray is really creative and turned out so great! Xo

    1. Thanks - he was pretty sick, so it's kind of bitter sweet. And I'll pass the praise onto my cousin!