Deck That Wall

We don't have any halls to deck - but I've done a pretty good job at decking everything else out! Here is my most decked out wall. 

I got this WillowTree angel a few years ago from my good friend Mer - we've actually become better friends than we were then, she's one of my besties now and I love putting this up and looking at it - makes me think of her. 

This is a combination of a few pinterest ideas. Joy in a wreath and brown paper wrapping. This is actually a pizza box that I wrapped in packing paper that I got in a box that had been mailed to me. I cut out a ring from a cereal box, cut up some fake garland sprigs and hot glued them to the ring. This is probably my favorite piece that I created this year. 

This was a 100% copy of what I found on pinterest here - but they didn't need any improvements made or any alterations to make them cheap. I got everything from Hobby Lobby - the candles were 50% off which made these $5 for both and all supplies.  

I'm torn on if I'm more proud of this or my joy pizza box package. This little drummer boy was tricky! I printed out a silhouette, taped it to some black paper and cut it out with an xacto knife. A broken Xacto knife. This might be favorite because it's the piece that my mom was most impressed with. My mom is the most talented woman I know...at everything! So it was a little like getting a compliment from your idol...actually, it was getting a compliment from my idol. 

Reindeer antlers. Well, they're probably not reindeer, but they are right now! Got these for $12.99 at Hobby Lobby. Kind of wish I had taken time to figure out how I could've made some...

Made these snowflakes with this snowflake tutorial on Pinterest. I was so excited by how they turned out! 

I found this idea in a magazine then saw this chalkboard tree on Pinterest. Theirs turned out much cuter...oh well. I thrifted the frame and spray painted it red. I was going to spray a board with chalkboard paint but I couldn't find it anywhere (I only looked two places) and I got impatient and cheap so I just used black paper for this year and drew on it with chalk. So I really couldn't redo it on the black paper - luckily there is next year! 


  1. You are so talented. I need you to come help me make cute things like that. I'm not creative at all.

    1. I'm sure you're plenty creative - even if you springboard from someone else's idea, no reason to reinvent the wheel!
      Thanks for stopping by and your sweet compliment!

  2. I can't wait to see where your blog takes you because you have some serious talent...I suspect you are going to go far. I love everything you did.

    1. Thank you thank you - what a nice and sincere compliment, means a lot to me! Thanks for following back!!