Shower time

Saturday I threw my friend her bridal shower! It was so much fun - I had a blast planning and creating things for it! I love doing things that I know people will love and making them special. I've been around the block when it come to weddings and showers, it was fun to put my knowledge and experience to good use! Several of the girls said that they want to hire me to throw their friends shower and plan their weddings, haha! That won't happen, but the best compliment!

Tried my hand at making invites - they turned out pretty cute! I printed them on some cream paper. I also didn't use them. With Thanksgiving the time got away from us and we didn't pass them out and had to just use word of mouth! We did the Facebook event route and were also going to do the invites, they just didn't happen. As I was prepping with the bride-to-be and bridesmaids we all decided to just hand them out and skip mailing them, but I always prefer mailing them otherwise this happens! I don't see everyone/know everyone so getting them out was ridiculous! (the one thing I will never do again - I will demand addresses, who cares that I'll have to spend $0.44 on postage! And everyone loves getting mail!). 

It's not a posh party now-a-days without some bunting! 

I made a rustic looking table runner and personalized it with their wedding date and their initials - I was so darn proud of this! 

Here's the other end of the table runner. I folded it so both ends could show on the food table. 

This is apple/white grape juice. At least half of the guests asked me what it was - just two cans of different juices, but it was a huge hit! And I froze some juice with cranberries and spinach in my bunt pan for the ice wreath (it had already melted a little here). 

I wanted to cover the cups in some wood printed scrapbook paper...well I couldn't figure it out, and  me being crazy, I drew a wood patterns on all of them! Haha, even after I started I told Husband how ridiculous I was being, but I couldn't stop once I began! 

Caprese salad - discovered this on one of my business trips and I LOVE it!! Mozzarella, tomato and basil leaves. You can put balsamic vinaigrette on it, but I prefer it plain. I try to serve food that I'll enjoy if it doesn't all get eaten (guess what my afternoon work snack is today!)

I did not make this - my cousin offered it to and I hid it from Husband until the shower! I was going to be a super go-getter and make her a cake that would look like the cake she wants for her wedding (in miniature), but I decided to be more sane (and avoid a inevitable meltdown). I did get her this wood slab that she really wanted for her cake but couldn't find - that was my gift to her. I really like making something in the decor my gift (this time it was the wood slab, the table runner, and the things game - below. In the past I've had it be as table cloth, napkins, serving bowl, ect.).

I made a Christmas simmer potpourri for everyone! It's cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, orange peels & a cut up orange slice, cranberries, lemon juice, ground cinnamon & nutmeg. Turned out really cute and smelled great. I spray painted the lids of some baby food jars that I got from my cousin (her mom told her to save her baby food jars cause they're useful and she saved ALL her jars from two kids, haha! So we've made it a game to incorporate them wherever possible). And the little piece of paper has P+M in a heart on it - made out of wood printed scrapbook paper. 

The spread. (I made that table cloth!!)

I made a 'shower' book that I put pictures in from the shower, cards McKenzie received, notes that I had everyone write to her (see below), and a list of gifts she received. I know that at my shower I didn't compile everything like I wish I had - and I really wish that I had so I could remember every second of love and every ounce of support I got from people! 

Here's the template that I had everyone use to write McKenzie a note - something to remember everyone by. As she opened gifts I read off everyone's marriage advice. 

My friend did a game like this for a baby shower and I really liked it, so I morphed it for a bridal shower. I got a bunch of items that you forget when you first move into a place (toilet paper, matches, paper towels, tin foil, mouthwash, sponges, ect) and items for newly weds - I uncovered all the items for 30 seconds then recovered them and gave everyone a minute to write down all the items they could think of! After I gave all the items to McKenzie! I forgot to get a prize for the winner...so they got cake...just like everyone else! 

The bride to be and me! I took a picture with her and each one of her guests for her little memory book. I look like a deer in the headlights! And wearing this shirt that has been in at least three posts...what can I say, it's my go to! 


  1. I CAN NOT believe you drew on each one of those cups, they look great though! And I love the idea of the frozen wreath in the juice - so clever!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  2. Hello, looks like a fun gathering! Thanks for vising my blog. Newest follower :)

  3. Seriously...LOVE the table runner! I'm your newest follower and would love for you to stop by sometime.

    Kimberly @ mypinterestreality.com

  4. You are so creative! I love the table runner! Wish I had seen these ideas before a party I hosted this weekend!

  5. I am happily following you back. So glad you left your sweet comment because I was able to come over and see this post. I can see why people mentioned they wanted to hire you for their parties. This is the most adorable shower. I'll be pinning that runner...simple, elegant and personal. I love everything about it.