working through my weekend

I went to Seattle this last week for work. I do all the logistics for my company’s tradeshows – this time we were at the American Library Association Midwinter meeting. It went well - all my TV monitors got shipped, my carpet got laid, the 20 hotel reservations I made for people were all correct…putting this one down as a win! I missed Husband and Stella so much – I’m a sleeve heart wearer and I kept tearing up over all sorts of things: commercials, pictures of anything little (puppies, ponies, babies, a chipmunk, y’know totally normal), Twilight Eclipse (or Breaking Dawn, I have no idea, but it was on TV and I kept oscillating between verbally mocking it and tearing up at the cheesy touching parts) and every dog I saw I wanted to hold their face in my hands and smoother them with my pent up puppy mom love.

Worst part of traveling = working through me weekend :(. Oh well, happens. Also means that I get to come in late all week/leave early and no one questions (I'm not entirely convinced they even notice). 

I started wearing lipstick on this trip. Pink. Matched the manicure I got while away too J. The first night I wore my bubble necklace – the one I got and have only worn once cause I can’t figure out what to wear it with…matched perfectly! And dresses up my work oxford. This picture is terrible! Conference center bathroom, with my iPhone. Terrible. 

A random lady did compliment my nails and my wedding right, to which I replied, “thanks for making me feel awesome!” I should remember to give out more compliments, cause it really does make people feel awesome. I think great things about people, I should just say them! 

The best part of travel is the food! Hello $60 of per diem that I can’t keep, I can only use! I get random stuff I never would, I don’t get doggy bags (I have no doggy with me, no fridge, and I’m getting another paid for meal in 4 hours!). Appetizer? Why yes, I would love to eat only half of that! Dessert? Bring it on! Husband would send me picture of Stella monster to make me jealous and I would send him picture of my food to make him jealous. Who won? 

Dessert at Ruth's Chris (there's another funny story with going here...I might never tell it cause I'm too embarrassed!). The berries and cream were delicious, I feel like it was pudding cream or somethings, maybe I'll try that. 

Stella and Husband taking a nap - look how cozy! That face says 'Stop moving, I'm sleeping here.'

Lamb at Ruth's Chris. I always forget I love lamb. It's expensive so maybe I should leave that forgotten. Anyone have a good lamb recipe? I'm going to try making it myself!

Husband driving with Stella - she's right where she wants to be, on her daddy. 

Crepes for breakfast at the Pike Street Market in Seattle. So tasty! Love eating at random local places. 

Husband got home to Stella covered in 'blood' - she actually found and killed herself a red ball point pen. It was on top of the ottoman on top of books; nothing is off limits!

Steak medallions at Cheesecake Factory - Husband claims this is in his top three favorite meals ever! He was really making me jealous so I had to go big :). 


  1. Haha. This is awesome. Get him with food and he gets you with puppy pics. I say you win. You got to eat the food and still get to see Stella in pics. He took care of Stella, but still didn't eat as we'll while you were gone and had to find

  2. ...his own food. And make it. You had no prep or clean up. I say you won. :)