Once upon a time...

Once upon a time (Wednesday night) I got hooked on the TV show Once Upon a Time. I’ve seen one episode before and it was…weird. Everyone said that I had to see it from the first episode, I didn’t really think that would make too much of a difference, I wasn’t a fan. Wednesday night Husband was at a basketball game and I was working on a project and wanted to watch some mindless television. We haven’t figured out our cable yet and I’ve finished all the shows I was watching on Netflix, so I had to try something new. Once Upon a Time it is! Within the first ten minutes I was hooked – 100% hooked. I was so enveloped in the show that instead of working on my project I sat on the couch with material on my lap and scissors next to me as I started at the TV.

Husband got home about 20 minutes into the first episode and he got hooked too, but he pretended that he wasn’t so he could hold this new found addiction over me. It was suddenly 11 pm and he would only let me watch another episode if I gave him a three minute backrub – I immediately agreed just to quickly realize that he wanted to watch it too but pulled a fast one on me! That tricky Husband…gotta watch him! If he were in the show he’d be Rumpelstiltskin, hands down. 
Stella likes to watch too – whenever the wolf comes on she stares at the TV or when there is  eerie music. Here's a bad iPhone pic of her watching with me. I would take another but she saw me looking at her and decided she better come lick my face.  


  1. I absolutely LOVE this show!!! It's quirky and cute and SOOO much fun! My husband refuses to sit through a whole episode, but I'm pretty sure it's because he KNOWS he'll be hooked if he does. My coworker & I spend a whole lot of quality work time discussing the very important stories & awww'ing over the ways they bring characters into the show - Snow White, Prince Charming... I don't know how far you are, so I won't give any of the characters away. SOOO good!

  2. I keep thinking it looks so weird, but I won't lie, I've kinda been curious... I'm even more curious now! That's all I need is another show. ;)

  3. Haha, I totally get this. Not a huge Once Upon a Time fan, but a few weeks ago we started watching season 1 of '24' on Netflix (it has been YEARS since I"ve watched that show) and since then, we've been hooked. It's our guilty pleasure after the kids are in bed and we're done with all of our little chores.

    P.S., Stella is freaking cute!

  4. I think I need to give that show another shot! I always thought I would love it, but the one night I tried it I couldn't sit still. I love the actors/actresses in it, so I think I'll try it again :-)


  5. Never seen this show, only the trailer! But I love how dogs sometimes watch TV, it is hilarious!