does syrup have sugar?

I made chocolate pasta! Something different and unique. The whole time I felt like Buddy the Elf eating pasta as dessert. A vendor on Pike Street in Seattle gave me a sample, having never heard of chocolate pasta, my mind exploded. By the time I was back to my senses I had bought some…which I think would have been my course of action regardless of my lack or presence of senses. Apparently this is a thing, I Googled a recipe (cause my Pinterest wasn't working – first world problems!) and a lot of hits came back. 

Cook just like normal pasta. Added a little macadamia nut oil afterwards and chilled. 

I treated it just like chocolate cake or ice cream with the toppings.

Husband's toppings were a little more juvenile :).

And a glimpse of our Valentines dinner - which was AMAZING! Best part = we made it, so it was $25 for lobster, golden potatoes, asparagus and shrimp. So glad we're good cooks.


  1. nice job on the Valentine's dinner. It is a good thing you are good cooks, for sure! I'm craving Red Lobster garlic shrimp so bad lately. This post just exacerbated the crave... (yes, that was me trying to be intellectual with words... and I probably didn't spell things right, anyway) ;)

  2. This totally reminds me of Elf. You need to do this when you have kids too.