Happy Valentines day!

Happy Valentines Day! 

My friend posted this link to the 'true origins of Valentine's day' - it's interesting! Regardless of the origin...I got a free heart shaped cookie at work, so I'm game for the holiday! 

Husband and I are on year two of celebrating this holiday together. Last year he had a basketball game (surprise, surprise) on Feb. 14 so we went out the day before and ate in the day off. We realized that it was AWESOME and that we were geniuses because you miss the whole crowd and get to have V-day spread over two days! Last night we went to Texas Roadhouse - my new favorite place because I get to bring Stella home ribs...oh, and it's good. We had our turf, so tonight Husband is doing surf - shrimp, lobster, and crab legs. We've never cooked the later two, so we'll see how that turns out. Regardless, it'll be fun! 

This whole week I've been giving Husband stupid Valentine's treats - that he loves! It sure is easy to make him feel special :)! I also got him some new Nike shirts - all in holiday colors, to make the presentation of the gift look good, and since red is his favorite color. Oh, and I got him a new wedding ring because his has gone the same place as all our missing socks...never to be found again. I thought I did pretty decent...until Husband told me what he got me - a four day cruise! Woohoo! We leave on February 25 to Mexico! He is good! 

Here's a glimpse of our holiday-ed house. I wasn't going to put anything up, but c'mon, this is me...how could I not! I out these up last Thursday, a whole week before. 

Queen and King chess pieces - got them for Husband, he loves chess and wants to feel 'included' in our home decor. Silly boy, thinks he gets a say. I do try to get stuff that represents us and makes hi feel at home. And just so happens that they double real nicely for V-day. The 'I love you' card is empty, bought it for decor, but I'm thinking I'm going to start the tradition of using past cards as decor each year, have them mean something! I'll just have to coach husband and pretty cards that I'll want to put up :). Yes, apparently I am controlling - but only in my realms, and he really doesn't care, it's why we work! 

Husband snitching some candy! Whenever I put these out he gives me direct orders to not let anyone eat them...even me! 

Used these for Halloween, but this time got candy we like...it's been harder to keep them full!

All the little details. Got this heart for 75% off after Christmas at Target! I had my eye on it as soon as they put it out in October (okay, maybe it was November). 

Found an easy printable. These carry on things are way popular right now. I'm actually not a big fan of them, seem too cliche, but kind of perfectly cliche for Valentines. 

Found this printable but was too dumb to figure out how to print it, so I remade it. Turned out cute! 

Heart strings as a backdrop for our TV. Just a grocery store bag and a piece of red paper. Oober easy! I just taped each one on some string. I have an odd issue of not wanting to 'waste' tape, was there always a shortage in my home? Ooo, probably stems from being a kid and grabbing a piece 6x longer than needed and my mom telling me to take it easy.
Another reason I like the hearts - I can throw them away when I take them down.  

I have an odd plethora of pillows. I have them around for when people are over to sit on/lean on if they want. Really Stella just sleeps on them. I had these...had them! And they're perfect to make the room feel like the holiday! 

I'm a fan of flowers and greenery inside. And since I live in a basement I've become a fan of fake flowers and greenery. Target has some excellent, realistic options. So does Hobby Lobby and they're almost always 50% off - come to think of it, I've never seen them not on sale. I really fell in love with these stems and have been enjoying them immensely on my kitchen table (they even make my oddly painted mint green walls look good!). I've been debating on where to put them after today and there are several places battling for the privilege...maybe I should have Husband buy me fake flowers instead of real ones today.

What are your Valentine traditions and plans? 


  1. Well, last year I pranked people with a David Bowie mannequin. We'll see what this year holds...

    BTW...this is Kellie. I'm signed into my other account.


    1. You what? I don't understand! Sounds hilarious, explain!!

  2. I love your decorations. You guys totally moved didn't you? Sad!!