If the shoe fits

Just because a shoe fits your foot doesn't mean that you should wear it....it also need to fit the outfit! Shoes really do make an outfit. It kills me when people have a cute outfit and then their shoes completely don't match at all! Sometimes they're even cute shoes - but not the right style. Ladies...just because they're black doesn't mean that they work! Here are four different BLACK shoes that say four very different things. I kept the jewelry, shirt, pants, hair, and the stance the same. (and maybe should have sucked my tummy in a little - haha!)  

Beat up black Converse = Saturday errands

Michael Kors black falts = Casual day at work
(flats = thrifted!)

Black cowboy boots = A little spunk - maybe a weeknight outing
(boots = thrifted)

Nine West black heels = Club anyone? 

Stella and Dot On the Mark Necklace

This was husband telling me that I needed to have a mean face...haha!


  1. I love this! It is amazing what a shoe can do, isn't it?

    1. Exactly! I see people with cute outfits then odd shoes...they totally make or break the outfit! Hence needing to own more :)!

  2. Guilty as charged - sometimes I just put on shoes that are close to the door instead of running upstairs and looking for the perfect pair. But I will carry this post around in my purse if I ever need to convince the hubs of the necessitiy of shoe shopping! ;-)