Husband's birthday bowling

For husband's birthday party we went bowling - he's legit good. When we were dating he won me a 200 shirt, it was love. My cousin went with her kids to the same bowling alley and they saw his name up on the "over 200 club" board and he was a celebrity for a day in their eyes. I'm not so good - I did bowl four strikes in one game, so I'm up and coming hot stuff. 

Yes, throwing a birthday party for husband was a little like throwing a party for an eight year old...only I didn't have to have a house full of eight year olds.

I wore these pants that I just NEEDED when I found them on sale at Nordstrom. Now, looking at these pictures I think these might be something that I should only wear on Saturdays...they're a little (a lot) young for me. Oops! But they're cute...just envision that I'm a 17 year old flower child. 

My cupcakes were a total fail. Well, that's not true - the cupcakes were great, the decorating was a fail. I put them in a box that I thought fit them perfectly...turns out they almost fit perfectly. And I used a cookie cutter to put a "2" on one and a "4" on the other...can you tell which cupcakes have the "24"? Yeah, neither could anyone else. You couldn't tell before and getting smashed in the box didn't help. I didn't want to be perfect this year - that's pressure for next year ;). 

I think Husband was teasing me...you can tell by my dropped jaw off annoyance. 

I'm two years older than Husband...that's why I needed to wear these pants, so we look young together. I'll keep telling myself that. 

I'm really going to miss this group. We all went to McDonald's (eight year olds) and were dreaming up a way that we could all end up near each other. 

My nice form and then me leaning ...cause that totally helps with redirecting the ball where you want it to go. 

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