I won!

I never win anything! We have an annual Girl Scout Cookie bake-off at work - you make something and GSC have to be an ingredient (seems silly to me - why wouldn't you just eat the scrumptious cookies the way they are). I made two things:

Cheesecake with TreFoil shortbreak GSC as the crust.

I made apples covered with melted marshmallow, fudge, caramel (I made the fudge and caramel!!) and sprinkled with broken Samoa GSC. The apples won the best overall treat! Not only did I win - I won the best overall! Yes - winning a baking contest, I think I have made it in life. I named it the "Wellness program approves way to eat GSC" (we have a wellness program at work...if you didn't gather that). I didn't want the apples to brown so I put it all together at the office. Everything exploded in the microwave as I reheated it - EVERYTHING! There were three microwaves and three things I needed to heat up - basically I was multitasking too much! I had an entire mason pint jar full of fudge and ended up with a molten lake in the microwave and bearly had enough to put on my creation. As I was cleaning it the caramel spilled over...and so it continued. Upside: all the microwaves in the break room are very clean. 

I was totally surprised! I was crouched taking pictures (I'm the official marketing photographer...it'd be great if I didn't suck!) and I just sat there as it sunk in that it was me! Husband told me when I married him that Wright's never win anything - proved him wrong! And,yes, we're watching round 64 of March Madness. My bracket is currently surviving nicely. 

Trying to figure out which item of mine won...waiting with baited breath!

I won an ice cream maker. I have one. But this one runs on batteries, way cool if your camping. Potentially way cool. Where am I looking? 


Luckily I dressed cute today :)
Jacket: XXI, clearance
Jeans: Lucky, thrifted
Shoes: Anthropology, thrifted
Sweater: Gap, thrifted
Scarf: Gap, outlet
Necklaces (you can't see them here, but I like having them peek through my scarf): J.Crew and Stella & Dot
Bracelets: Stella & Dot


  1. OOh yay!!! The cheesecake with shortbread cookies sounds delightful too! Your work is so cool watching march madness and all!

    1. Thanks - it was delicious! I shouldn't have added as much sugar to the crust as I do with graham cracker, oh well! And my bracket has been doing decent in the first round so I'm actually drawn to the break room to catch glimpses of the games!

  2. That looks so yummy. And as always you are looking cute.