so many things!

This week has been crazy. Like I’m so excited with so many things that I haven’t fallen asleep before 4 AM since last Thursday. Here's what we've got going on: 

  • Got pre-approved to buy a house.
  • Sold Husband’s car – I put it up online and within minutes we had calls. There were so many people that came to see it there was a literal line of people waiting to test drive it! We got it for $500 more than we listed it for!
  • Prepping for a garage sale this weekend. I have over 15 people contributing! It’s going to be huge! I’m so excited. Husband keeps commenting on how I’m gutting our house of all our belongings. I am. It’s addicting.
  • Posted a lot of the items for the sale on KSL and I’ve been getting tons of responses, already sold $105 worth of stuff…the sale hasn’t even started!
  • Prepping to move to MN for the summer.
  • Looking at houses and dreaming of decorating…I’ve picked the house I want and I’ve already mentally decorated the whole thing. I priced everything out. Everything.

So much happening! I’m basically in a manic state. Hopefully I don’t crash tomorrow!

If you’re in Utah, come out to our sale tomorrow. Check out (some) of the items we have on Facebook! If you're not in UT, let me know if you see anything you like! 

Coming up: putting together the best yard sale. This is my second one this year - we made $1400 at the first one! I'll share my secrets and wisdom!

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