I bought myself a present!

And we're back! Sorry for the multiple hiatuses in recent months. the beginning of the year is my busiest time at work with all of my biggest conferences within a few months of each other. And then we moved to Minnesota! We're here for the summer while Husband tries on a job and to look for houses to call home when we move here permanently in January 2014 (he has one more semester we'll head back to Utah for). Nothing too exciting has happened - Stella continues to eat random stuff that forces me to keep an eye on her excrement (awesome!) and she's decided barking is the funnest. We bought a king bed. It's huge and we love it. But the most exciting thing going on in my life this week = I broke down and bought the camera I wanted!

This little beauty came to my door via Amazon yesterday. A Canon Rebel Ti3 18 MP with HD video capabilities. Um....I love it. I told Husband a few months ago that I wanted a good camera/video recorder to be on our list of important/big purchases in the next few months (along with a house, furniture, a second car...I figured as we were adding to the list I'd sneak camera in there).

I also don't have anything to take pictures of right now - my dog, maybe? Since we're in a temporary situation I'm not decorating, renovating anything to snap pics of. And since I'm working from home my current outfits are less than inspiring. I've become a t-shirt (pictured above) and yoga pants girl. At least I'm showering :). Maybe this camera will give me desire to get ready ...sometimes. 


  1. Heck yeah! Good for you!! I hope you take lots and lots of pictures with it. I tried to take pics of McKenzie yesterday. Fail. :( I need to learn how to edit too. Maybe that would make my pictures better. But I hope you enjoy the new camera!

    1. Thanks - I'm excited. I need to learn how to edit well too, right now I'm just learning and playing with settings. Lots of fails for me for a while :)