Just a little {BRIGHT} pink

Dress Motherhood, thrifted | Blazer Gap, thrifted | Clutch thrifted | Shoes Preview, Nordstrom Rack | Jewelry TJMaxx (all of it, over the years) | Lipstick Revlon Colorburst Sweet Tart

Summer has FINALLY hit Minnesota. I celebrated by going to the pool for just over an hour and got fried! It seemed like a reasonable amount of time to be in the sun for mid-June, but I'd somehow forgotten that I've gotten zero rays thus far! My nose basically peeled off this morning (which was mildly fun), but I think everything has finally turned to a tan! Which means I can go to the pool again today ;)!

I bought this dress a while ago at the thrift store, I'm grateful for it's mid-section girth now (not that I need anything yet, but my stomach hates anything on it!). That's one of the funny things about shopping at thrift stores, you buy what you like and what fits, regardless of what the size says it is or that it says it's a maternity dress!


  1. Really cute dress - I agree about thrifting, we can just avoid looking at sizes altogether! Thanks for sharing your great look with Visible Monday.

  2. hi, newest follower here! Name's Renae and I had an Aunt that went by MO. Those were her initials and she loved being called Mo. She was ultra beautiful and didn't like people to notice her so she thought if here name wasn't beautiful, the people that got to know her as Mo would be genuine. Isn't that interesting? Darling purse. OMyGosh! I love it.

  3. Look at that cute belly! I can't wait to see more of your maternity fashion. I know it's going to be super cute.