Strike a pose

When I see something I like, I get it, I pretend I can pull it off. Pretty simple. That's my style, I wear stuff I like. This has changed over time, it sometimes goes with the fads, it sometimes goes it's own way - whatever, we live in a time when almost anything is in style (have you been to the mall lately, what era is it? Who knows!). I think as long as someone wears something confidently they can pull it off (provided it's the right size and covers all their junk, I've seen people of Wal-Mart, that is a whole lot of different issues).

Well now, my body is changing, daily, which makes it a little harder to know what actually looks good. The slight hour-glass curves I finally got in my mid-twenties are now straightened out into my pregnant middle mass. That is actually the first thing I noticed - my stomach can still pass as a slightly heavier version of me (during some parts of the day) but my sides have evened out. And now I'm in that really awkward stage where all my clothes don't fit but still kind of fit so I have muffin tops and bulges, but maternity clothes are no where near fitting either - oh, I hope I don't ever end up on people of Wal-Mart! And I'm sporting yoga pants and pretending their real pants, luckily I'm surrounded by men who tell me I look nice even when I've forgotten to brush my hair.

All this to say, I've been looking for some inspiration. I usually just look at styles around me, but there just aren't enough pregnant women (and way fewer stylish ones) to pull my inspiration from my day to day. I found this new site called Pose. Think Pinterest, but entirely for fashion! You can follow people, brands, celebrities. You can post your own stuff and people can follow you. You can search by color, item, brand, person...really anything! Oh, and if an item is still in stores, you can purchase it directly from Pose.com! Needless to say, I spent all of the NBA play-offs (Husband is a huge Heat fan, and I sit next to him half way watching) playing around on Pose (check out some of the "collections" I've started).

I really found a lot of looks that will transfer over to maternity and a lot of maternity do's and don'ts just by looking at what others had done. And now I've been dying to go shopping (to the thrift store, of course) and find my some wins. And I really need a jean jacket (need!), it's like I'm in 6th grade all over again, only knocked up this time.

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  1. Cute outfit. You are the best dressed pregnant lady around.

  2. Belly bands are the way to go. I bought one pair of maternity pants and left everything else unbuttoned under the band. Don't tell anyone but I'm still wearing mine so that I can fit into pants that I'm still not thin enough to wear yet. My child is now fifteen months old...

    1. Haha - oh I don't know how I missed this comment! I have a belly band and it's wonderful! Course, being endowed I'm definitely tucking and pulling all over the place! I did just get a pair of maternity jeans and a pair of slacks that I love...I think I might join you in just wearing maternity in real life - don't have to worry about showing off what you don't want (especially with kids helping you pull up you shirt and such joys) and they're so comfortable!