Army green & sparkles {plus yard sale treasures!}

Shirt J.Crew, thrifted | Pants Jessica Simpson maternity |
Shoes Sperry | Purse Merona, thrifted | Bracelet J.Crew outlet

Stella joined me for my pose today. She decided as long as I was sitting I should probably be giving her some loves too. Wearing my new army green maternity pants, they're still a little big (Husband says they give me grandma bum), but I'm at that stage where I change 10 times a day into different pants trying to find something that fits.

Stripes (with sequins on the shoulder, you can't see them well, but they awesome, trust me) with leopard and gold thrown in! Two years ago I wouldn't have dared, but now that I've ventured into the world of mixing patterns, I love it! Makes getting dressed a lot more fun - and buying shoes, who wants plain black?

Ummm...my feet look weird here, apologies. 

And now onto some garage sale/side of the road finds. I'm addicted, but the universe keeps rewarding me and it's feeding my addiction!!

Found baby clothes (in good shape...rare!) for $0.25 a piece! These onsies just offered the best photo opt. You know those sleeper sacks? All my friends swear by them and said I'll want two or three...well between two garage sales with screaming deals I now have eight (the most costing a quarter). Not including the two I found for my sister in law. Do you think I'll have enough? I love Minnesota garage sales!

Found this seven piece set, plus serving dishes for $10 at a yard sale today. I LOVE these dishes. Everything at her place was junk, but these were nestled in the back. The lady said her bridesmaids all chipped in and got them for her 25 years ago and she rarely used them. They're in great shape and match our other dishes. And she let me take the crate - bonus! 

Got this swivel rocking chair for $5. It needs to be recovered. I'm going to attempt to do it myself...or maybe buy the fabric to drape over it until me mom can come do it help me. It'll go in the nursery. I'm sure I'll have many nights sleeping/not sleeping in this chair. 

And last, but not least...my free table. I'm going to paint it poppy red. I left it outside and we got a crazy storm last night. Fail. It wasn't damaged, but I brought it inside until I get to it. 

Guess it's time for me to get started on all my projects instead of finding more (even if they are free).

Have you been to any good yard sales lately? Any treasures you've found? Or what projects do you need to get going on? 

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