Wins {and catch up}

I've have no less than 3 cute outfits that I was going to post and spilled on each one! What is it with spilling while being pregnant? My belly isn't that huge yet. Is it simply because I am eating that much more? Or shoveling the food in at such aggressive rates? Let's blame it on hormones and loosening joints. I feel good about that. And, let's be honest, I only have so many maternity clothes, I'm sure I will wear those exact same outfits many times over! 

Oh, but speaking of not many maternity clothes...I've really widened my closet in the last few weeks! Thank you thrift stores and boredom! I'm making do with most of my shirt still, but I had blazers and pants on my radar. Oh how I succeeded. 

Maybe I won't need FOUR dark blazers, but maybe I will! I was feeling a little foolish as I was laying these out, but as I looked at each one I really like them all and they all have a different 'feel' to them. Oh, and each one was $1.49 at Goodwill, so bought myself four dark blazers cause I wanted to. I'm probably most excited for the one second from the left - a old DKNY long blazer...yippee! Roll up those sleeves and put on some skinnies and I'll be golden. Oh, and a shirt...I will also wear some form of a shirt.  

I now have eight pairs of maternity pants! These six I bought yesterday. Oops. The last three (furthest right) were all Goodwill finds, the last two being brand new from Target (I love our Goodwill!). Later that day Husband had me take his care into Sears to get aligned. I told him that Sears is connected to the mall and I'd have to do something while I waited...so he was warned. I wandered into Motherhood Maternity and got two pair of Jessica Simpson skinnies (jean and army green) and these amazing grey bootcut slacks. The three pairs fit so well I might never go back to normal jeans.

I finally snapped and invested (like I really need to call all my deals an 'investment?' They cost about the same as a Wendy's Junior Bacon Cheeseburger!) in some maternity wear because of a work trip. I went to Chicago for a show and when dressing for the opening night my pants wouldn't work. I don't mean like they wouldn't button - I had been doing the rubber band button trick for a while - these wouldn't even pretend to zip! Thank goodness I packed plenty of stretchy skirts! I decided then and there it was time to get some pants that would fit. 

In other deals - we picked up a crib for $20 and got some free baby mattresses (not sure what we'll do with two, but they were free!). And scored a ton of baby clothes for me and my sister in law at a yard sale - $5 for all the clothes I could fit in a brown paper garbage sack, oh boy! 

Will some just give me the gold metal of bargains already? 

We also had our first ultra sound this week (we have been so busy!). I'm at 16 weeks, but we had some insurance issues, so this was our first time in. Luckily I'm young and healthy, so everything is good! We could potentially find out the gender, but baby Wright was bring modest and finally flipped over to just show off their spine. But what a cute little spine!! 

And here's their head and body! Looks like a real baby, just little :)!!

What have you been up to in the last few weeks? Any bargains or thrift store finds? Or any real 'investments' you're stoked about? 


  1. I was just thinking that I should start my blazer collection for the fall. I would wear them all the time but 115 degree weather in AZ doesn't allow that. Haha! Good finds at the Goodwill.

    1. Agreed! Since I just got them I wanted to wear one today so badly, so I did. It was off by 10:30 am, but I wore it!