Blue jeans

This cute little monster and I hung out at Husband’s football game. I sat there happily thinking about how I’m going to love being a mom and frequenting the park. Stella sat there whining as she watched her daddy throw a ball and run around and she couldn’t play and chase him! True torture. 

Notice how my shoes are tied with bows on the sides? Oh, that's because I can't reach my feet easily anymore and I have to cross my legs to tie them now. 

Pants Jessica Simpson Maternity | Tshirt Zulily | Chambray Old Navy
Shoes Converse | Purse Lucky Brand | Bracelet Swiss Days Fair
P.S. Nothing is thrifted from this outfit today. Wha?!

The giveaway ended today, I'll announce the winners tomorrow! 


  1. You're bump is so dang round and cute! I LOVE IT! you're such a doll! I can't wait to see pictures with a lil baby stroller next to you in these types of pictures! yayyy!

  2. Just found you through the Mom Mingle blog hop. :) You are a darling pregnant woman! Following along on bloglovin'! -Andrea @Hand and the Heart