Peaches and Stripes

I love late summer. There are whispers of fall on the breeze, but it’s still warm and green all around. This might be my favorite time of year. I can finally start layering again and not be sweating by the time I at the top of the stairs (course, being pregnant it could be negative outside and I might still want my cropped yoga pants and a t-shirt). I pulled out my colder weather clothes and am happily getting reacquainted with my lovely sweaters, boots and scarfs. Each time I walk through a store I see fall d├ęcor and I am so excited to pull out my box of fall/Halloween stuff to put up!
The best part of late summer = abundant fresh produce! I’m living in some fairytale land where I walk out my back door and pick peaches straight off the tree. Then I take a bite of the juicy, sun-ripened fruit …and it spills onto my belly. Of course.
This whole pregnancy peaches have been my supermarket splurge, so being back in Utah with them in the back yard is seriously fairytale perfect.  

Blouse Liz Claiborne, thrifted | Skirt XXI
Belt  Banana Republic outlet | Shoes Merona, thrifted  

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This is the best maternity belt I have found - it has elastic around the back of it! So it can stretch along with me through out the day. Thank you Banana Republic for making something perfect for me :). 

She didn't really care about the peach. But loved playing with the pit. My silly dog loves the trash part of food to play with.

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  1. Hey cute girl, you are all belly. I wish I looked like you when I was pregnant! Love all your stylish outfits too. You need to come back here just to take me shopping.