Black and White car seat cover {DIY style}

Okay, remember the previous post where I did a mini rant about how I don't like a lot of baby stuff. Maybe it's cause I'm thinking about how little man will be my best accessory. Or maybe I'll be his. Either way, we're going to look good (Husband hopes this will involve me putting make up and real pants on some times). 

Made this care seat cover! I found a cheap on and just used those measurements. I also used the same basics from this blanket tutorial - a car seat cover is essentially a blanket with Velcro tabs on the top. FYI: the tabs to hang from the handle are smaller than I thought they would be, so I had to redo those. 

The top is a heavier, canvas type fabric and the bottom is just quilting fabric. The top lost some of it's vibrant color when I pre-washed it, but I still like it. I'm glad I new before I made it, if I made the whole thing and then it looked less crisp I'd be annoyed, but I got to decide if I still would like it before putting in the work.

I also made this little strap that has clips on both sides so I can use the car seat cover as a nursing cover! Just trying to cut down on carrying 101 things with my at all times, making some items pull double duty.


  1. I'm going to pin this. When my son was a newborn we just used blankets, because I had no idea these existed (this was only a year ago...) Ha! Next time around I think I will find it very valuable to have.

    1. Seriously! You don't have to worry about the blanket slipping off and it's a little heavier duty to block out more light :)