Early fall maternity outfit

Got this shirt on our Columbus Day Savers trip! It's 'real clothing' just in a way huger size than I would normally be :). I love it. I felt so good wearing this. And I'm thinking it'll look really good with brown boots too, when it cools down a little more. 
I always have this battle in early fall - I want to wear my cold weather clothes, but I also want to hang onto some of my summer things. So difficult. And with maternity hot flashes I can't safely wear cold weather anything without a t-shirt underneath that I can strip to at a moments notice. 

Blouse Charter Club, thrifted | Pants ASOS maternity 
Belt Fossil, thrifted | Shoes Mossimo, hand me down

I’ve started having dreams where we’re at the hospital to have Wade and we’re totally unprepared. But we’re idiot first time parents that are too dumb to even know that we’re not prepared. We forget the hospital bag. I bring the diaper bag, but it’s empty. A nurse asks if we have a car seat and I say we do, finally feeling a moment of not being a total failure, but we left it at home. D’oh.
So, when is it too early to put the car seat in the car? Is now too early? I think yesterday is a convenient time. Cause, really, these are funny dreams, but what if he does come early? And I really don’t have a hospital bag ready to go? I would have to pack in a painful rush and end up with things like one sock, false eyelashes, a scarf and some raw spaghetti. What if I forget my glasses and I can’t even see him? He’ll just be a little blur next to the bigger blur I’ll have to assume is my doctor.

Alright, I’m packing my bag tonight and making a list of last minute things to put in that I can’t pack yet (I think I’ll want to use my toothbrush between now and then).

Also, what do I do with Stella dog when we’re at the hospital? Maybe I’ll sneak her in in my hospital bag. Yeah, that’s a good plan. 

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