Thankful Tuesday #1 {Sisters are the best!}

There have been a couple of things that I’ve been…ungrateful about recently. A few things that have made me real grumpy. Poor husband. I started piling other crappy things onto the pile – because combining all life’s injustices makes a real good pity party. And, trust me, I know how to throw a party (real parties, not just pity parties)– it’s one of my talents, that and getting the correct sized Tupperware every time.

 And then I started to cry, because that’s what pregnant women do. Again, poor husband.

 Amidst my raining cloud party for one (cause I was crying...it was raining, get it?), I was filled with gratitude for someone who has never added to my woe pile. My sister. People need sisters. Judging by the sister quotes of Pinterest, there are many who agree with me. But some people have sisters like me – selfish, self-involved, self…pretty much any other “self” word you can think of. But then there are a few blessed people who are lucky enough to have sisters like my sister.

Sister's trip 2010 - dressing up like a Jane Austen character to look out over the moors. 

 While I’ve had a lot of experiences in the last little while that have made me feel of no value, she always makes me feel like the most special person in the world. She acts like seeing me is the highlight of her week. My ventures, however insignificant, are awesome in her eyes. She has traveled the world, is an award winning dancer, is in an elite choir…and yet the blanket I made with a wiggling hem is something she’s proud of. She points out my talents, and she can because she’s so astute and notices them. I got a text from her last week saying “I realized one of your talents today, I’ll have to tell you about it next time I see you.” (I’m just remembering that she didn’t tell me!).

 Last week I told her about some of the things that have hurt me recently, and she shared with me: 

“Feeling unspecial is the worst because it is directly opposite from the eternal truth that you are special and loved. I think that is why it feels so raunchy, because it is the biggest lie...and yet, it is so prevalently believed by us mortals. I am not saying cover up that feeling of unspecialness (google doesn't think unspecial is a word...it really doesn't like unspecialness). I think it is alright to let the sorrowful things of life truly take us, without our resisting, until it is time for them to go. Our culture sometimes pressures us to erase the whiteboard when the ink is still wet...causing a streaked mess. Only full blown windex can help at that point. If we would just wait for the ink to dry, we could get back to that bright white more quickly."

 Isn’t she so full of wisdom?! She also whipped out some big guns and talked about how special she thinks I am, in specifics, not in broad generalizations.

 Moving away from her is and will be the hardest part of moving to Minnesota this January. Luckily she’ll still always be a phone call, text or email away.

That's what I’m thankful for as we enter November and spend more time counting our blessings. What are you grateful for?

Dressing up to see Legally Blonde: The Musical

Sisters camping trip 2010. Broke my toe! 

Christmas 2010. Stomping on spilled lasagna noodles is the funnest with a sister! 

My birthday 2010. 

Sometimes you find a Barbie workout video from the 80's at a thrift store and you have to dress up in obnoxious 80's work out clothes (that you already own!) and do it. 


  1. you have me at the verge of tears. You are amazing! I miss you and your family and your sister and my sisters. Great post.

    1. Thanks! I miss you and your family too - I try to explain to Husband what it was like growing up on Fanno Creek and doing things with your family...outsiders can't grasp how awesome it was!

  2. What cute sisters. This was so sweet. And I agree, you are one special little lady!

  3. What cute sisters. This was so sweet. And I agree, you are one special little lady!

  4. Love you, Sis! What else do I say to such a post? Goodness. I'm blushing a little behind the gentle tears. I, too, am grateful to have a sister, but particularly grateful that she is you. The words to Carole King's song come to mind, "you could have been anyone at...I'm so glad it was you"

  5. This is so great! Sisters really are so important. My sisters are very different from me at times, but they have always been a source of support and joy throughout my life.

    Kate from Clear the Way
    (I’m currently running a giveaway for some gorgeous jewelry, if you’re interested.)

    1. Amazing how we can be so different and yet be so important! We joke that if we weren't sisters that we probably wouldn't be friends...not in a negative way, we're just so different that we wouldn't naturally gravitate toward one another.
      Thanks for stopping by, I'll have to check out your giveaway :)!