Sweater vests and Cowboy boots {34 weeks!}

Vest Michael Kors, thrifted | Bracelet  J.Crew Outlet | Tee Gap Maternity, thrifted
Jeans Jessica Simpson Maternity, Motherhood | Boots thrifted 

Happy hump day! This has been the longest week of my life. Not because I'm busy, but because I'm not. It's exhausting. I did everything I could think of work and not work related today, then I looked at the clock and it was only 10 am! I have tons to do at home, but I'm so tired from fabricating mildly meaningful tasks that I don't have energy for anything else. 

This is a mild blessing. For a long time I was doing 4+ peoples job (seriously, four people quit or were fired and they hired no one new, but wanted to keep doing all the same things!), then we hired someone and I was just doing the work of two people...but then some genius up above thought that since we had more people that we should be doing more work, so then it was back to three. Blah blah blah {contrary to what you're thinking, I love - or at least really like - my job!}. We've been able to hire more people and I'm handing off my responsibilities, especially since I won't be working full time post baby. Anyways, I'm bored. And one can only pretend to be working while looking at Pinterest for so long. Heck, one can only look at Pinterest for so long regardless of trying to be sneaky.

Pregnancy update: 

I'm 34 weeks today! 

Washing dishes is tough.

Rolling over in bed is tougher - I'm contemplating satin sheets so I could slip n' slide roll over.

My skin is clear for the first time since 13.

I'm getting irrational road rage, I honked at three people on my way home last night - I live 4 miles from my work.

I've had a cold, but it's almost gone - I drowned that sucker with liquids! 

I have my birth plan all ready. No, I'm not sharing it with you because it's MY birth plan and I don't really care to hear unsolicited advice of the "right" (aka: the way you did it) way to do it. But I'm excited. 

A few weeks ago I was freaked out, like do you know the final step to get a baby here?! How do people do that? I'm going to have to do that! **hyperventilate**

But I feel prepared now, so I can just focus on being excited. But, unlike a lot of women 8 1/2 months pregnant, I'm not feeling too antsy to have this babe yet. Other people might be, since half of my maternity clothes don't fit so my belly occasionally hangs out - ain't nobody want to see that! But I've been exercising and doing stretches that have been keeping me pretty comfortable. We'll see if that's still my tune next week :). 

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  1. Love that vest! I hope your labor goes as you envision. Motherhood is one crazy, amazing ride. You're getting so close! :)