The Jane Game {kickstarter project}

I’m a dreamer. But I often abandon my dreams – for a variety of reasons. Sometimes there is too much work involved. Sometimes it’s financial realities. Sometimes I give up one dream for another. Sometimes life just gets going and I forget to pursue my dreams.

What are your dreams? What have your dreams changed to? 

My sister (remember when I gushed about her here?) follows her dreams. She is so inspiring. She wants to visit a place, she makes up her mind and goes. She wants to learn something, she studies it and gains knowledge about it. 

Five years ago she had a dream to make a Jane Austen Trivia game. It started out as just something fun, and it turned into so much more. She learned about graphic design, business strategy, SEO, manufacturing…the list could go on! There were several times where she wondered what on earth she was doing. Today is a monumental day – she launched this product on Kickstarter! She needs funding to get this game physically created. Check it out, it’s pretty impressive. 

If you contribute $40 or more then you get a whole game when it's created! Or you can receive a PDF for a $10 contribution. There are awesome gifts associated with each donation...have any Jane Austen lovers on your Christmas list?!? 

I am so proud of my sister for sticking with this dream and making it turn into a reality – even if the road became bumpier than anticipated. 

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