Expedit Ikea Hack {diy file box recover}

Have one of these? The ever so helpful storage solution that is the Ikea Expedit collection. 

You can store all sorts of stuff, nicely hidden away in plain view. Great, until you look at the prices of cute baskets, bins and boxes to fill the cubes. $10 a piece - on the cheap side, maybe you can find a cheap set of two for $15. But you need lots of them! All of the sudden this nifty storage unit isn't such a deal. 

I have a two cube by four cube unit that we use as a television console. I've tried different approaches, but it always looked so sloppy. I finally decided that I would commit to purchasing some storage somethings. I measured how big the cubes were to see if I could find something unconventional (aka cheaper). And I did! Cardboard file boxes - they fit perfectly! Oh, and they have lids, a nice option to have that you can ditch or use. 

They're big, so I needed to get creative in recovering them. And I use fabric that was directional, so I got crafty. 

Cut out side pieces for the front and back. I decided I wanted the front the have the smoothest look - you could also start with the two sides. 

Tape over the handle opening so you fabric has the smoothest place to lie. 

Glue the bottom of the front and back panels. Make one big panel to cover the bottom and sides. 

Cut the front/back panels so you can fold over the edges. 

Fold down edges of front/back panels. 

This is the overhang from the bottom/side piece. Cut back so you can fold it under. 

Fold under. 

I used a mix of spray adhesive and hot glue all over this project! Be sure to put something underneath where you're spraying - pretty sure this stuff will be on my table for eternity. 

Place box on top of the bottom panel and make sure it sticks well. 

Cut a notch on the bottom/side piece - it will be glued onto the front/back sides.  

Before gluing up the sides cut a notch in the fabric so it can fold over into the box. 

Glue the side pieces up, glue over the edge, and glue onto the front/back. 

Next glue the front/back up. Since you've folded the edges in it should fit perfectly into the top of the box. 

Same basic steps on the lid. 

Lots of hot glue and spray glue. A little bit of cutting. I made four boxes total and they turned out so cute! Way excited. I ran out of fabric and I think I'm going to find some fabric that coordinates to mix things up a bit. I tried spray painting one, thinking that could be a cool option...it's not. I also still need to figure out a handle, and ideas for a handle? 

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