Diary of Wade: One month

Today I am one month old! I’m starting to get a hang of this being alive stuff – what a lot of work! Let’s see, this month:

 I was born – maybe I’m being presumptuous, but that is a day that we’ll be celebrating for years to come!  

So far I’ve met my aunt Lizzy, both my grandma’s and one grandpa. They’ve all ooo-ed and awed and said how precious I am. Apparently I am precious. Even Stella, our dog, thinks I’m pretty special. She sleeps next to my bed at night and gets mom when I’m crying.  

I’ve been trying all sorts of new things. I’m a fan of naps, baths, car rides and walks. Not such a big fan of getting my clothes or bum changed. Really not a fan of getting my nose suctioned…mom, those boogers can stay there. Oh, and how could I forget? I’m a huge fan of eating! Eating is my favorite. At my two weeks appointment my doctor said he’d be happy if I had regained my birth weight, well I just left that number in the dust and I’m never looking back. I’ve starting wearing some 3 month clothes, so just call me Mr. Overachiever.

Along with packing on the pounds like a champ, I’m getting really good at holding my head up. Occasionally I still face plant on dad’s shoulder; you can’t be afraid of a little failure if you want to be great. Along with holding my head up during tummy time I’ve started lifting my legs, doing supermans and starting to work on rolling over – no being left unattended on the couch for me. Oh, and these legs, I’ve been standing a little with mom helping me balance; she keeps calling me her strong little man.

I’ve come up with some fun new games. Well, same old game of annoying mom – just new ways to do it! I got really good at kicker her in the ribs at 3 am and punching her bladder in the middle of meetings, but those were getting boring and a little difficult to do out here. Now I enjoy waking up as soon as mom steps into the shower or as soon as she thinks it is okay to take a nap. Who does she think she is, taking naps?! Dad’s pretty fun to annoy too. I really like spitting up or peeing on him as soon as he changes into clean clothes. It’s all about timing. A new game I developed this week is fussing when mom climbs into bed and when she lifts the covers to get up I calm down, then she puts the covers down and I fuss again. See, timing J.

To top it all off I’ve starting smiling at mom and dad to let them know that they’re doing a good job – I sure know how to melt their hearts. But, for good measure, I make sure to stop smiling whenever mom pulls out her camera. 

Our first family picture. I'm a week old here.


  1. Wade is getting so big and even more cute. This post was great, I love that it was from his perspective. =)

  2. Cute! Loved this post. Made me laugh cuz I remember a lot of that happening to me too, especially the getting into the shower part...

  3. Cute! Loved this post. Made me laugh cuz I remember a lot of that happening to me too, especially the getting into the shower part...

  4. completely love reading this post. Makes me wish I was creative at putting my girls' info into a story like this instead of my LIST of things... but shoot. I haven't posted pictures in MONTHS, soooo I credit myself to at least writing blogs and keeping up with our activities.... Any who... I'm looking forward to the coming months of his story. I can't wait until you have HIM start telling you what to write about what he likes... shoot... I'm looking forward to that with Janessa still. ;)

  5. so so so so adorable! <3

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