Diary of Wade: 3 months

I got blessed this month! Mama and Papa Billa came out from Nevada and hung out with me for the whole week! I was good during the blessing, but distracted dad with a smile in the middle and he lost his train of thought - my smiles will do that :). It was freezing on my blessing day, but mom had me in a white sweater outfit that kept me cozy. And I made it look so good! 

I made quite a few other outfits look pretty adorable too:

Mom puts a towel on me during bath time to keep me warm: 

I've started rolling over. But refuse to do it on camera yet. But mom gives me a lot more tummy time. 

And dad always rescues me and helps me back onto me back. Love this guy. 

And I really love my toys. I play with them for hours and talk and laugh at them - they tell the funniest jokes. I love hanging out with them and sometimes fall asleep right in the middle of our play dates. 

Sometimes I get so tired and fall asleep, but need to wake up to play with them - there just isn't enough time in the day to get all my wiggles out! 

I've also become mom and dad's favorite dinner table centerpiece. Check me out in my bumbo seat, holding up me head: 

We've also started reading together this month. The Little Engine that Could is my favorite. 

I've started grabbing things - on purpose. And putting everything in my mouth.

Getting older is so much fun! 

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